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Wedding 2



 We start a fire (the hearth of the new home) together. Fire or Agni is the witness to a Hindu marriage. On the right are Ravi's parents adding their blessings.





 Taking the "pheras" at the end of the ceremony. These are circles around the fire tied together. I go first for three of them symbolizing the mental, physical and emotional bonds. Then Ravi goes first for the fourth and final circle symbolizing the spiritual bonding.








 My parents are blessing us with flowers at the end of the wedding. (Phew) See how tired I look. I had been up since 6 am getting dressed by a professional lady to put that outfit together. Also my makeup and stuff. I had red yellow and white dots in a design over my eyebrows! Anyway we were then "showered" with flowers by everyone and their uncle. Or was this the beginning..I notice the fire is out. Ho hum does it matter? Grin this has been a long day. I am wearing a sari with a matching veil. Ravi is wearing a kurta and pajama with a red sash. This sash is tied to my sari ends when we took the circles around the fire. The veil and sash are still tied and kept at home to symbolize the "marriage knot".



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